Costa Rica Equestrian Vacation
Horseback Riding Holidays
Costa Rica Playa & Vistas Trek           
7 Nights
For the first 2 days you will train with certified and experienced instructors in private lessons as well as  trail rides on the beach and in the hills to view native wild life such as Howler Monkeys.  Also available will be seminars and clinics on topics such as health care, first aid, and natural horsemanship.  Approximately 3.5 to 4 hours of riding a day.
 On the third day we will commence on our 1 or 2 day Trek.
The overnight trek to Nosara is  for experienced and regular riders only.  approximately 10 hours of riding in 2 days.  

This tour starts out on the beach riding south.  We will ride over several different types of beaches- including white and black sand beaches, volcanic rocks and cliff sides.  We continue riding until Playa Marbella where we will have a lunch stop.  After the break we weave in and out down the coast until we hit San Juanillo our final destination...  The Tree Tops B & B.  This is a nice boutique lodge with only a few rooms and your over night gear will be at the hotel.   Why we enjoy sunset the chef prepares a 5 course gourmet meal on their tree top balcony.  The horses camp out right on the property in a temporary paddock.
The final day of the trek starts in land and we make our way up the mountain which will provide us with fantastic views of the Pacific coast.  We will go down the back side of the mountain thru a  trail winding back and forth over a small stream.  There is plenty of shade and wildlife.  We then head down an old ox cart road which goes thru incredibly green rice fields.  This trail ends up in the village of Nosara where our driver will be there to pick you up, with your overnight gear, and take you back to your house.
The fifth day of this package is a day of rest and relaxation.  A massage will be provided in your private bungalow and you can enjoy the beach or relaxing by the pool. 
Day six you will have a choice of a private lesson or a trail ride.

 *  The overnight trek can be substituted with 
2 full or 1/2 day treks*


Riding Lessons
Experienced  riders will appreciate the quality of the horses, but anyone will find the lessons to be helpful in developing balance, harmony and effective aids for a variety of riding styles.  Our instructors will develop a progressive program customized for the specific needs of each rider.

Lessons are available for Classic Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, basic skills in English riding focusing on balance and confidence.  During your time at our Equestrian Center  theory clinics on health care, first aid, grooming & tacking, and natural horsemanship techniques will be available.  Each day you will receive 2 one hour riding lessons with an expert teacher devoted to giving her students personal attention as well as theory classes.
Personal Wellness and Harmony through Horsemanship
7 nights
In today's world many of us need to take time to find peace and harmony with ourselves and others.  We have developed a technique using riding and relationships with horses to help individuals explore ways to connect with a happier healthier life.  This week long program combines riding lessons, natural horsemanship techniques, yoga and massage to help individuals find the "pura vida" in the lush tropical
setting of Costa Rica.


Pure Adventure Costa Rica Experience

This Package combines all of the great activities available for a truly exciting and well rounded Costa Rica Vacation.  this is great for groups and families looking for outdoor fun in a tropical location.  Activities include horseback riding lessons, trail rides on the beach and in the hills, mountain biking, zip line, yoga, and surfing.


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