Costa Rica Equestrian Vacation
About the Trainer & Horses

Our equestrian center is the home of Molly Allen Niederberger


Molly was an active Hunter/Jumper trainer who moved to Costa Rica in 2006.  In New Orleans she owned Allen Equestrian Riding Academy and ran the riding school program at Equest Farms, a very large and successful riding school. At both of these farms she was busy teaching lessons and training clients and horses who competed in horse shows ranging from local “schoolers” to traveling on the “AA” circuit in the USEF.   She is thorough and patient and helps riders learn how to understand and communicate with their horses. 

Molly is excellent with both adults and children.  She teaches the lessons and is the guide on most vacation package trail rides.  She is very knowledgeable not only in riding, but in many aspects of horse husbandry and horsemanship.  Many of our clients remark on how much information regarding horses and riding they learned from her while on their vacation. 

      Testimonial for Molly.....  Molly is not only an outstanding trainer, she embodies all attributes of a true professional.  Highly knowledgeable of her craft, she instills the trust and encouragement necessary for one to advance in the true  partnership of horse and rider.                                             
Our Equestrian Center is the home to many types of horses.  We have quarter horses, paints and Costa Rican Criollo horses, which are generally small but hardy.  These guys are excellent for riding in lessons as well as going for a run on the beach.  They are responsive, even tempered and excellent school masters for developing the rider's seat and effectiveness of aids.    All  of our horses are trained in basic dressage and Jumping.  They are light, responsive, collected, beautiful, intelligent and easy to work with.   
We have horses for all levels.
we are always looking for young people from around the world who may be interested in volunteering with us.   All you need is experience in riding, taking care of horses, and the desire to live and work in a beautiful country. 

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